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Dental Implant vs. Bridge: Which is Better Option?

When a missing tooth has to be substituted, two general alternatives are considered: traditional bridgework can be chosen, or newer dental implants can be selected. Both offer a reliable, functional and cosmetic solution. There are, however, some significant differences among the two systems.

  • Which is the best option: Dental implant or bridge that needs to be obtained?

Ottawa dental implants ensure that you make the right choice and that you know these facts, advantages, and disadvantages of each solution.

FeaturesDental ImplantDental  Bridge
DefinitionIf a tooth or teeth is lost for injury, periodontal illness, etc., this is a good option. A dental implant is a titanium post, which supports a crown. It is implanted into the jawbone by surgery where it then fuses into the jawbone so that its position is anchored. After the process of Osseo integration is over a pillar is attached to the post framework. The area where the toothpaste is fastened or torn into is above the gum line.Dental bridges are used to fill the gap between missing teeth and several. The natural teeth or implants are supported by the bridge on each side. It consists of two or three teeth crowns on each portion of the division. The anchor teeth are referred to as true teeth and the fake teeth between them are referred to as pontices.
LongevityLifetimeMore than 6 years
No Strain on TeethNoMay be some time
Procedurerequire surgerySimple not require surgery.
Root canal possibilityNoYes
Teeth factureNoYes
  • Which is a durable Dental Implant vs Dental  Bridge?

The power of the artificial fixative depends heavily upon how you handle it. Dental implants are longer-lasting than bridges and make for life-long safety. As per the American Academy of Dentistry (AAID), the metal cylinders of the implant are usually made of titanium and this substance efficiently fuses with the jawbone. The metal is powerful, resistant to deterioration, and gum issues.

On the other side, a dental bridge has about 10 years of life span. Some of your original dental remains below and the bridge may fail more easily over time. Normal wear may result. The rest of the tooth structure is generally still susceptible to decomposition.

In realistic terms, what is best?

In former times, the only alternative was a bridge, which contained much more than the missing tooth. After scraping much of the enamel, the neighbouring teeth had to be “prepared,” in order to create the bridge. Nevertheless, dental implants only make it possible for a better and lasting outcome to remove one tooth.

But, if the underlying teeth have substantial fillings and require coronations in the future, a dental bridge would possibly be the only choice. And if the tooth or teeth are long lost, gum and bone shrink, and procedures outside the implant are required. In addition, your dentist can address the advantages and drawbacks of both procedures.

An important factor to remember is the need for several sessions including small procedures with dental implants. Dental implants, however, are generally not meant for the tender hands. Those who fear surgery, needles and many more complex dental instruments should remain a distance of several miles from this option. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that the dental implant process is not unpleasant simply because machinery is involved.


  • How Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge changes in your oral care routine?

With an implant, you’ll be easier to maintain your mouth hygiene. Dental bridges have cemented the mouth and are connected to at least three crowns to fill the missing tooth area. This pattern creates challenges when you burn and float, so it is essential to provide oral hygiene and home care. In particular, a further step is required when flossing to thread the floss under the artificial tooth. Implants can, however, individually restore teeth without influencing other teeth.

Start replacing your missing tooth with the pleased Tooth:

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