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How to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis

The health risks of smoking are supported by scientific studies. It is being linked to lung disease, heart problems, cancer, and even stroke. People are aware of these conditions and eventually decide to quit- a very challenging endeavor.

Smokers who decide to quit can also experience depression and stress. But they can try something unusual not coming from the outside source like medicines but from the person’s inner self. People may opt to quit smoking with hypnosis in Brisbane or probably self-hypnosis. This method is gaining a lot of popularity in this city. Here, the smoker will focus to relax, concentrate, imagine and think deeply of their desire to reach their goal and that is to curb or lessen their cravings. Nicotine is a substance found in cigarettes and it is addictive and quitting the habit is definitely difficult.

In hypnosis, the subconscious mind is being conditioned to stop the need to smoke. The idea is to make them realize that smoking is affecting the health negatively and it is a matter of behavioral modification on the person himself to make that decision. Health professionals can give medicines that contain a substance that blocks the nicotine receptors found in the brain. In this case, the craving for nicotine stops and will eventually result in withdrawal. Some may use nicotine patches in varying doses or electronic cigarettes. In hypnosis, no drug is used. The therapist may introduce or suggest alternatives to shift the person’s attention when they desire to smoke comes in. 

Self-hypnosis is making use of books or any materials to be read or memorized by the person. It may also include recorded suggestions on tapes to be followed by the client until he himself has entered into a very deep or intense concentration usually called a trance. All these methods can increase the motivation to quit but the most important factor here is the person’s ardent desire and willingness to do so. 

It is vital that the therapist is skilled enough in handling any hypnotic session. The procedure itself is safe and the person is totally aware and conscious while doing this contrary to what people say that it is dangerous.

Hypnosis is an all-natural technique and no aggressive procedure is done. No medicines, injectable, or any chemical so no adverse reactions or side effects are noted.  Doctors may prescribe medicines depending on the need of their patients. Side effects may include stomach problems, nausea, or headache. Some may experience dry mouth, the problem in sleeping, or over dreaming.  No single medicine can give a complete remedy to the problem. One medicine may work with one person but not on another.

Having all this information in our list, smokers may choose to quit smoking hypnosis Brisbane or with medicines just like those patients in Brisbane.