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3 Ways For Seniors to Stay Active

There are plenty of wonderful things about getting older—from wisdom to the accumulation of wonderful memories, to the experiences you’ll share with the people you love. However, one of the lousy parts of getting older is feeling your body get weaker. It can be frustrating to be young in your mind, yet your body is not what it used to be. It’s important that you stay active in your old age, whether you live in an assisted living community or at home. Take a look at some of the best ideas for staying active as a senior citizen. 

Go on a Daily Walk 

A daily walk is a great way to exercise your body and mind since it gets you out of the house and clears your thoughts. The pandemic has been especially trying on seniors, who aren’t able to leave their homes as much as they would like. A walk in nature is a great way to get into the outdoors and breathe fresh air. At the same time, you’ll strengthen your body, and burn plenty of calories. If you can manage to walk even just 20 minutes a day, you’ll be doing your body a world of good.  

If finding the motivation to walk is a challenge, particularly during the winter months when it’s cold, then consider getting a dog. Dogs need to be walked, and you won’t have much choice in the matter other than to get out and get moving! 

Follow a Class on Youtube 

Who says that you have to leave your house to take an exercise class? There are all sorts of classes streaming on YouTube, and many of them are free! Whether you want to try out yoga, or aerobics, YouTube is your all-in-one location for getting a great workout in the comfort of your own home.  There are all sorts of different difficulty levels to choose from, and some of them don’t require any equipment at all. Try a new class each week that piques your interest. Keep trying out different activities until you find one that you really love! Why not? 


Swimming is a fantastic exercise for older folks because there is such little risk of injury. Even people with limited mobility can move freely in the water. It’s great for your cardiovascular health, and can also strengthen your muscles. Not to mention, swimming is great fun!  If you don’t live near a public swimming pool, then consider finding the nearest body of water during the warmer months. 

These are just a few ideas for seniors to stay active. Try out a few of them and see if they work for you. Above all, have fun!